A straightforward LMS belongs to everyone

Your organisation can implement any type of training easily and cost-efficiently online with Priima.

With modern tools – no matter the size of your organisation.

Creating courses and studying couldn’t be easier.

Implementation of a learning management system doesn’t have to be complex and expensive. This has been the main principle of Discendum who has developed Priima. And the best thing; it’s available for all organisations no matter the size! Priima supports the needs of its users by adapting to different situations.

With Priima, your organisation will be able to develop the skills and learning of all stakeholders in a motivating way. Both the learner and the organisation can keep track of the development and it’s easy to form a bigger picture!

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Priima blog

Fresh ideas and tips on how to use your Priima from Priima Academy!


The planning and execution of the learning and training process sometimes needs more than a manual for support. For this reason, we have developed Priima Academy which offers our customers the possibility to learn about Priima - in Priima.

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Competence without limits


One of the main improvements was that we expanded the ways that Priima can be used by making it possible to share courses outside of Priima. The implementation is based on Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) technology that is widely used in online learning and sharing courses is relatively simple.

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Get to know Priima, check out the instructions!


Although the system is easy to use, instructions and tips are still needed to make the most out of it. You don’t have to come up with everything yourself - we want to provide our customers with the necessary support, guidance and training for Priima. That is why we have introduced Help Center to support Priima users to get quickly about with the more challenging features.

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Priima breakfast event for associations in Helsinki on Jan 23!
With Priima LMS, online training is easy and cost-efficient for associations too. Welcome to our breakfast event on Jan 23 in Helsinki to hear all about it!

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HR Executive Nordic 2020
We are proud partners of HR Executive Nordic 2020 event on Jan 30 in Kattilahalli, Helsinki. Come say hi to us and hear more about Priima!

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Subcontracting Trade Fair 2019
See you at Subcontracting Trade Fair in Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre on Sep 24-26!

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Welcome to Priima Breakfast Event!
We are pleased to invite you to Priima Breakfast Event in Helsinki on May 23!

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ITK 2019 conference
ITK conference will be held already for the 30th time in Aulanko, Hämeenlinna on March 20-22!

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