Telsi. Optima. Priima. All pioneers of learning management systems, all developed by Discendum.

We have always invested strongly in product development and especially in cooperative development with our customers. We have always aimed to both answer to the needs of the customer and to help organisations train their interest groups as they find reasonable and effective.

It’s wonderful that the same group of people who developed our very first LMS Telsi still work at Discendum. Because the core of our operations has always been – and will always be – the customer, it can also be seen in everything we do. Also, our company has grown from a five-person group to a twenty-strong team.

Strong devotion to product development has been the core of our business. Because of it, we have been able to take our products towards the right direction and most of all, forward. We started to develop Priima based on completely new technology because we understood that the technology and architecture of current learning management systems don’t endure the demanding needs of end users. This is why we started from scratch, took a giant leap towards new technology and developed learner centric Priima LMS.

It was and still is a very brave decision to start to develop a brand new learning management system instead of modifying an existing system. But hey, we are brave! And we have to be – that’s the quality of pioneers. This bravery has been rewarding – although there is still a lot of great features to come, the feedback has been amazing. Priima has been called user-friendly, modern and “just the right solution”. This has been the meaning of our hard work and it’s awesome to hear that the direction is right!

Priima is a straightforward learning management system where the focus is on the right things – cost efficient implementation, content production and creating courses and training to Priima is fast. Most of all, Priima is simple and easy to use. Let’s go straight to the matter and save everyone’s valuable time. There’s no need to customise and edit it to be something else. The system has been designed modular and therefore our customers (new and old) can utilise other systems they are using better than ever before. A great learning experience is ensured for the end user and we get even more motivated people to the working life this way!

I am proud of our team. I am proud of Priima. Being brave is well worth it – let Priima be a prime example of it.

– Anna-Maria Näreikkö, Priima’s Product Manager

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