In Priima LMS, learning analytics is an important part of monitoring and supporting the learning process. Your role determines what information is visible to you. When tracking analytics, ease and speed are essential: visual elements of the dashboard, courses and different activities quickly convey the stage of the learning process.

Monitoring in the dashboard views

After logging in to Priima, you will see a dashboard view that summarizes all the key information about your role. For example in the student’s view, you will first see the active, ongoing courses as well as their progress.

Student’s dashboard: Active courses

More detailed information on course assignments can be found in the Assignments view, which lists the tasks that are finished, incomplete or past the deadline. You can see clear notices of deadlines, and assignments can also be organised by the approaching deadline. From the Assignments view, you can go directly to the course where you want to view that task.

Educator’s view: Assignments

Progress on the course

Student’s path during the course is directed and guided by the rules that have been set for completing the course. Students can view the overall progress of their courses in the Results view. This makes it easy to quickly see how far the course has progressed and what is still to be done. You can also compare your progress with the average of the course.

Assignments also provide the student with a summary view of the course: which tasks are undone, expired, waiting for evaluation or already completed. Similarly, the deadlines are clearly visible. Assignments can also be sorted by deadline.

Student’s view: Course assignments

Educators will see a summary of the course performance for all course members, along with the course content and assignments.

Educator’s view: Course results

From design to implementation of the learning process

When building your training, it is important that you also plan how to use analytics as part of the process. In Priima, analytics is based on clarity and visualisation. Elements and contents are displayed to the user depending on their role: educators need to follow the broader process and students need to follow primarily their own learning. Similarly, a supervisor usually wants to follow the learning of their own team.

In addition to visual views, Priima offers various summary reports that can be targeted to one or more users for monitoring and analysing. At the beginning of the training, it is important to introduce everyone to the functions that are important regarding their role. At its best, analytics is part of the everyday learning and thus supports the learning process!

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Henna-Riikka & the Priima team

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