Acquiring competence or doing a job isn’t necessary happening in a physical place or space any longer. Priima team is back at work with full force and work is being done in offices, online and by telecommuting. We will tell more about the upcoming product development targets later but now is a good time to review the improvements made in the Priima update back in the beginning of summer.

One of the main improvements was that we expanded the ways that Priima can be used by making it possible to share courses outside of Priima. The implementation is based on Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) technology that is widely used in online learning and sharing courses is relatively simple. Once the LTI service is activated in Priima, the admin can pick the information needed for making the connection from course’s admin tools and link a Priima course to another platform. The possibility to share courses with the LTI technology is an extra service with additional fee that is activated by us once the order has been made.

The right home view for different needs

We also did important improvements to Priima’s internal tools based on customer feedback and customisation has expanded again. So far, the first view for all users has been the dashboard where the user can see all of their activities in online courses displayed as well as the progress regarding ongoing courses and assignments with one look. This view is simply not enough on its own to answer to the needs of all of our customers in every situation.

Our customers have user groups that use Priima for one course only: for example, a Code of Conduct course meant for the whole staff. Then it’s possible to show this course as the home view for this particular group of users. So, users will be able to sign in straight to the course that will provide them with the competence they need. A one-course-user doesn’t need a summary of all courses but just the one course meant for them.

If the organisation wants to encourage staff to use the training supply available as widely as possible, Priima’s course catalog can be shown as the home view from where everyone can pick the courses that best suit their needs and interests.    

Video is in Finnish.

When the course catalogue is being chosen as the home view, it is a good idea to define keywords to categorise trainings in admin tools and attach suitable keywords based on field of study for the courses that will be added to the course catalog. This enables the staff to quickly find and pick the courses they are most interested in by using the course catalog filters.

Making skills more visible

Some of our customers have also started to use Open Badge Factory service to support the making of skills and competencies more visible. We added an Open Badge view in connection with the course catalog that presents the open badges available in Priima and shows what competence the online user can acquire for themselves from Priima’s courses. The user can easily see from the new view what content is available that can expand their competence and can pick the best courses for them.

It’s no wonder that Priima’s user base is growing all the time and competence acquired from online courses is increasing fast. Priima offers versatile reporting tools for monitoring online training and we have added more new features. It’s now possible to choose the search criteria and the content of the report more accurately to better respond to the organisation’s needs.   

We have already started to work on new and interesting product development projects, and we will be launching the brilliant Priima Academy this fall but more about these later!

Autumn greetings,
Ville, Henna-Riikka and Priima team

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