What is Priima?

Priima is a modern learning management system developed by Discendum Ltd. that solves the LMS needs of organisations - no matter the type or size of the organisation.

Do we need a learning management system?

If your organisation trains different kinds of interest groups, the answer is yes! LMS’ can be used to support and enrich face-to-face training but in some cases, it can also replace face-to-face trainings altogether! Online learning lowers costs, learning experience becomes better, tracking becomes easier and your interest groups can train regardless of time and place.

We already have an LMS, why would we change to Priima?

Priima is user friendly for both the learner and the trainer. Learner can see with one look the most important information and study with different end devices. Trainer can produce training fast with the help of Priima’s tools and also use content from external sources. The platform has been designed to be modular so integration to other systems happens easily.

To whom is Priima meant for?

Priima suits the needs of all organisations regardless of sector and size. The pricing of our platform is cost-efficient and it adapts to your organisation’s needs effortlessly. It is easy to carry out single courses or trainings but also to manage larger online learning entireties with Priima.

Can we use a customer dedicated server?

Yes, you can!

Is is safe to use Priima?

Yes! We have taken EU’s data protection regulation into account right when we started to develop this learning management system. We comply with all general data protection regulations. The security of our customers and their end-users is very important to us.

Is it possible to make multiple choice assignments with Priima?


How do we make an order?

Check out our contact info here!