This year has started out fast for Priima. Different functions have been developed further and a big bundle of new features has also been released. Now the gaze is strongly directed forward: what, and what kind of, Priima will be in the future.

Our reflections and guidelines got strengthened at Learning Technologies 2020 in London in February: competency-based and collaborative learning are very important trends for us. Learning, acquiring a certain knowledge or skill, doesn’t always require completing an entire course or a long study path. For example, microlearning can be used to quickly develop one’s own skills, and it is important that the acquired skills are already recognized during the learning path, not just as the culmination.

Flexible and rapid development

An iterative development cycle allows a particular feature or function to be released into production quickly and continue to be developed immediately. In this way, the received feedback can also be used to support further development. The utilization of open badges in Priima is a great example of the strength of the agile development method: first a course-level badge was released, and next a chapter-specific badge is coming – and of course the work will continue from here on out.

The development work continues all the time, but at the same time new features are already being quickly introduced. Many of the features or functions to be developed are also strongly related to the broader development process. For example, the dynamic group that was published in Priima in April will be a great tool for e.g. developing the learning paths in the future, but it can already be used to implement, for example, course-to-course paths.

Roadmap – guidelines forward

Roadmap is one of the most important tools of product development. It guides activities, but on the other hand it also changes and shapes according to the goals and needs of the development work. We released the first version at the beginning of the year, and already now the roadmap has lived far ahead from that moment on! It is important for us to develop together with our customers, and therefore the feedback and wishes received have a strong impact on Priima’s roadmap.

In response to the needs of our customers and in addition to the updates planned at the beginning of the year, we have made numerous smaller updates complementing Priima to meet the new needs that have arisen with our customers. The next smaller update again brings with it one such implementation: the setting that allows end users to register as a Priima user themselves, i.e. self-registration, will be in production during April.

Now our development focus is already directed towards June: a lot of interesting improvements are on their way. We complement Priima’s LTI (Learning Tools Interoperability) capabilities, increase the ability to flexibly select the entry views for different user groups and complement the reporting functions. The competency-based learning that is at the heart of Priima’s development will be next brought to the Course catalog view. In the future, students can view their learning opportunities also by listing all the available open badges instead of the courses. This way they can easily see what skills they can acquire for themselves and what they have to do to achieve it. We can hardly wait for June!

Ville, Henna-Riikka & Priima team

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