Priima is constantly developed together with customers. Thanks to new and further developed features, Priima offers more and more possibilities to apply and execute different kinds of competence development processes flexibly. We’ve noticed that even a clear and straightforward learning management system needs also instructions and tips for users in different roles. Priima Help Center was published in spring and users are able to locate our manual from there. 

The planning and execution of the learning and training process sometimes needs more than a manual for support. For this reason, we have developed Priima Academy which offers our customers the possibility to learn about Priima – in Priima. 

Priima Academy’s login page.

As we launch Priima Academy, our customers can find for example the following courses:

  • The fundamentals of environment management 
  • External content:
  • Priima Switch: Sharing courses between environments 
  • The fundamentals of online pedagogy

From instructions to implementing in practice

The Help Center contains basic instructions on how to use Priima. Instead, Priima Academy offers more tips and ideas on how to implement everything in practice and how to execute different processes. Because of Priima Academy, it’s easy to revise the things that the user has gone through in user training and get to know new features that have been published along the way. The user can study in Priima Academy whenever it’s suitable for them. 

The strategy of agile development extends from Priima’s product development all the way to sales, marketing and customer development. In the first phase of Priima Academy, we open the service to our customers but there will be content for anyone interested in Priima in the future. 

For example videos are used on Priima Academy’s courses.

Priima Academy will be strongly developed based on customer needs and feedback so everyone has the possibility to affect the content, suggest wishes and development ideas. Every course contains the possibility to give feedback and the user can also contact Priima Academy’s team. 

Let’s utilize Priima together better than before with the help of Priima Academy!      

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