The starting point of developing Priima is to make it clear and easy to use. When designing Priima, the goal is to implement consistent and easy-to-understand functions that repeat a similar user experience. After learning to use one function well, the user can easily learn another. We have received good feedback from our customers on this. The ease of building courses in particular has been praised.

Although the system is easy to use, instructions and tips are still needed to make the most out of it. You don’t have to come up with everything yourself – we want to provide our customers with the necessary support, guidance and training for Priima. That is why we have introduced Help Center to support Priima users to get quickly about with the more challenging features.

Instructions for using Priima

The Help Center instructions are divided according to the authorisation levels in Priima, i.e. what the user is able to do in Priima. These levels are

  • participation in courses
  • creating courses
  • tracking reports and
  • managing the environment.

So, in practice, the instructions are aimed at the learner, the course admins and trainers, those tracking the reports and those responsible for managing the entire environment. A set of instructions has been compiled for each target group corresponding to their needs.

For the student, there are instructions on how to follow the progress of their own learning as a whole and for individual courses. Instructions for Priima’s interactive functions are also available. For course admins and content producers, there are comprehensive instructions for producing content, managing a course and guiding the students.

There are also separate instructions for reporting functions that can be used not only by course and environment admins, but also by those in charge of HR management. The instructions allow you to easily track course progress and user reports and create the customised and user-friendly reporting features that you need.

The environment admin is responsible for the settings that regulate the operation of the environment: the management of user IDs, settings for the appearance of the environment, choices for the login methods and many others. With the Help Center, the admins can quickly get an overview of the functions that they need and can choose the appropriate settings for the Priima environment of their own organisation.

The development work continues

The instructions consist of texts, screenshots and videos. The drafting of the instructions still actively continues, so we welcome all feedback and development suggestions from our customers based on the current instructions. We also utilise the requests received in Priima’s helpdesk to complement the instructions.

Our agile development extends, of course, to the Help Center as well. An English version is now being worked on, but we will also make other improvements gradually based on feedback and user experience. Another planned improvement will change the way the Help Center works to take into account the roles of Priima users: each user will only see the instructions related to their activities in the Priima environment.

As Priima develops rapidly, also the instructions must keep pace! In the future, we want to provide more and more tips and ideas on new features, and the Help Center makes it easy to put them together in one place.

Next step: towards Priima Academy

For example during the deployment phase, we offer our customers deployment training, which the Help Center already supports. The next step will be taken in the autumn as we are working on brand new Priima Academy, which will further enhance the training and support that we offer. But more on this in the autumn!

Best regards,
Henna-Riikka, Ville & the Priima team

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