When talking about Priima, September was vey important. We got the chance to exhibit Priima to a new audience. At the beginning of the month, we took part in the Esimies & Henkilöstö event and at the end of the month it was time for Alihankinta exhibition (Subcontracting fair). We highly recommend both events – it’s worth it to take part next year and you will also get to see us!

A lot of familiar faces came to say hi to us at the exhibitions – and also a lot of new ones were brave and came talk to us. Great! What was discussed in the exhibition booth and what were the trending topics?

Mostly, people wanted to see what Priima looks like. The word about our new LMS has spread nicely and we got visitors from all kinds of organisations to our booths, wanting to know more about Priima. At Esimies & Henkilöstö exhibition, people got familiar with Priima’s basic features, course content creation and we pondered together how it’s possible to benefit from learning paths when it comes to staff development. Priima’s reporting and guidance opportunities caused interesting discussions as well.

At Alihankinta exhibition, we got to showcase Priima’s brand new version that expands the environment and user management opportunities. For example, easy content creation and the low-threshold implementation of the system were topics that interested people. Another important topic was the possibility to benefit from other systems in Priima thanks to LTI-interface. We also talked together about using AR as a part of the learning management system and benefitting from digital Open Badges when in connection with Priima.

Thank you everyone who came to visit our stands and for interesting discussions! It was wonderful to be able to exhibit Priima to such a large and versatile audience, hear feedback and talk about development ideas. It’s nice to get back to my desk, inspired by the exhibitions, go through comments and wishes – and plan next year’s roadmap.

And if September was important for Priima, this month is even more so! Why? Because Priima’s official launch will be on Oct. 19th and it’s not only a very important day to everyone here at Discendum, it’s very important also to our wonderful customers!

With colourful autumn greetings,
Priima’s exhibition team (Anna-Maria, Tanja, Tuomas, Katri and Nilüfer)

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