On Thursday May 23, I got on a plane from Oulu towards Priima breakfast event in Helsinki. The early bird caught the worm. Many of our customers had arrived to hear about Priima’s spring.

The theme of the event was the transition from Optima to Priima. It is topical now that many of our long-term customers are planning to move to a new and modern Priima LMS. For those who could not make it to the event: there’s no flammable hurry. We offer the Optima service at least until the end of 2023 and even longer if needed.

At the breakfast, me and my colleague Tanja presented how the transfer of courses from Optima to Priima happens and what kind of support we offer our customers. The construction of courses and the production of content have been made very easy in Priima, and we’ve also prepared tools to support the transition. Multiple choice questions, user names and groups can be exported from Optima to Priima. We have invented tools to make this run smoothly.

During the event, we also talked about how Priima provides more flexible user management possibilities than Optima. In Priima’s accounts, you can add freely definable user data that supports e.g. course targeting and reporting.

It was inspiring to meet our customers again and share news about the development of Priima. At the end of the event, we got the chance to discuss and exchange thoughts and current topics in e-learning. As usual, we also received some interesting wishes. We’re accustomed to our customers demanding a lot from us, and it motivates us to constantly do our best. As we have often said over the years, open innovation together with our customers is one of the pillars of our operations. From this, we already have about 20 years of experience.

We follow the trends in the field and develop e-learning innovations. Our team is made up of people that have rich ideas and are committed to continuous improvement of our services: in most cases, the original idea of an innovation is refined through teamwork. Our customers still bring the final touch to product development. We receive valuable feedback from them, based on the course feedback given by trainers and trainees.

Combining Discendum’s long experience and solid expertise with our customers’ online training experience, the result is really strong and wonderful for all Priima users: an innovative and scalable LMS that supports practical work as well as possible.

The most recent example of the collaboration between Discendum and our customers is Priima’s version 1.6 that was released on May 29.

The refinement and finishing of the functions that we chose as the most important theme for our spring, continued. We can proudly announce that the trainee’s central desktop views of assignments and courses now provide an illustrative entity to keep track on ongoing courses – it is easy for a learner to work in Priima.

The course admin, in turn, sees a visual and easy-to-read summary of the overall progress of course results on the Assignments tab. The Results tab again provides detailed information on the progress of each individual trainee.

We continued to expand the use of metadata in targeting Priima’s content. Now, freely definable user data can be used e.g. when targeting courses or filtering reports. Managers automatically get access to a report that allows them to review the course results of their employees.

As a brand new feature in the 1.6 version, we present a tracking function that makes it easy to record in Priima the progress of work guidance and the attendance of face-to-face trainings. This gives our customers the opportunity to seamlessly integrate into one place the tracking of online training and learning that happens elsewhere.

More detailed information on the Priima update can be found from our newsletter (in Finnish).

The swallows already arrived in Finland, but before moving to the summer pastures, we’re still planning the product development guidelines for the rest of the year. Stay tuned!

Summery regards,
Ville & the Priima team

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