In collaborative and problem-based learning, the group defines its own learning needs and seeks solutions to them together by reflecting and developing ideas. Priima LMS provides the right environment when it comes to implementing collaborative learning online. In Priima’s version 1.7 that was released last week, we added a number of new tools to support collaborative learning.

Previously used only as a single function in courses, the discussion has been renewed in terms of its user interface and functionality, and the possibilities to use it have been expanded. Now you can add the amount of discussions you want to your courses.

Trainers can put together learning materials that back up the learning object for example with articles and videos and that set goals for learning. For each learning goal, you can create a separate discussion area, where trainees can exchange views and reflect on a given problem, either with one another or with the support of their tutor.

The tracking of discussions is supported by Priima’s dashboard view, where you can see a summary of all discussions, the most recent messages and the number of unread messages. Discussing is easy in Priima!

To support the interaction, we also added Announcements function which course admins can inform trainees about current topics with. Announcements can be read in the starting view of courses and, of course, on Priima’s dashboard.

In addition to these channels, there is also a previously published message center useful for private and group discussions that don’t need to be associated with a particular course.

Priima itself is also a more active and versatile messenger: it tells about the flow of discussions, but also keeps up-to-date on other current topics in the LMS via email. Trainees can choose to include in the message, for example, a note about the assignments that need to be completed and a summary of new approved assignments. Trainers, in turn, can order for example a message about new assignments to be checked.

The version 1.7 also includes a number of other updates including to tests, assignments and SCORM materials. You can read more about these from our newsletter (in Finnish).

Let’s learn more together with the help of Priima LMS!

Autumnal regards,
Ville & Priima team

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