The year 2019 starts great for Priima as we get to bring new tutoring tools into the user interface at the same time as many interesting product development projects take one step further towards their release!

In the first stage, there will be improvement in the communication between the trainer and the trainee as messages go through the message center in real time, and it becomes possible to react to different kinds of issues conveniently inside the system.

The utilisation of keywords also gets better than before as organisations can define official keywords that can be used for example when filtering the courses that are offered in the course selection. Other upcoming features include for example the acceptance of the terms of use, personal Tasks-section for trainers, and utilisation of Open Badge Factory with the help of LTI interface. In addition to these, Priima becomes available also in Swedish!

While we’re working on new features (such as feedback tools and management of face-to-face trainings), we also continue to develop the already existing features in the background. During the spring, we’re going to grab onto for example the study path, and keep working with the cooperative learning and the metadata to support the learning analytics. We continually work for small improvements and edits as well – during this month we’ll be editing the layout of SCORMs and work on the possibilities of allocation.

Much is to be expected, so there’s plenty of work for our product development team for the whole of spring. That is why it’s especially great to welcome Niko Hummastenniemi into the skilled team of Discendum. Niko started in our team in the beginning of February, and supports the development of Priima as a Technical Project Manager. Welcome Niko!

The following blog posts will take on a more technical point of view as you get to hear the latest news regarding our product development. In the meanwhile, we’re going to prepare for the events of this spring, and for example shoot another amazing commercial for Priima with the talented Koju Film Company! Have you already seen our video from last autumn? If you have missed out on this gem, you can view it here:

With springish greetings,
Anna-Maria & the Priima team

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