In the Finnish ”Muurari” (Mason) song, things start to happen in the construction site when spring begins. This is also how it goes for Priima’s product development: it’s a hustle when our skilled professionals are hard at work. Priima’s version 1.5 was released at the end of March after two months of work. The update is a solid entity of features that support especially the work of trainers and content providers.

Trainers can find what they’re looking for from Priima’s Dashboard view easier than before even from a large amount of courses. The courses are now sorted alphabetically as default, and they can be diversely searched by for example the number, keywords or owner of the course performances.

Also the editing of courses and the management of materials have taken a leap forward. The appearance of content pages can be improved by changing tasks into images, and the management of materials with the help of keywords has been further developed by bringing in functions that facilitate their use also in the edit mode of courses.

The opinions of course graduates will help to develop better training in the future. It’s now possible to gather course feedback from the trainees, and the feedback summaries can be explored in the admin view as well as in the system reports, which have gotten also a bunch of other new features.

The whole content of the update can be found in detail from our newsletter (in Finnish).

The new features are the most visible part of Priima’s product development, but the team on the product development site is constantly working on also other things interesting and essentially important regarding the user experience.

The end users are accustomed to demanding fast web applications. Even the shortest waiting can turn one nervous, and the response to a click should be received immediately. As Priima’s developers we know this well, and that’s why all of our updates concern not only the design of new features, but also the uncompromising pondering over performance.

The database search of reports, that has been optimized as well as possible in Priima, is visible to an individual end user as a quick report load. The same speed is our goal in all functions. The system admin is pleased to receive their report in an instant. The trainer likes when the course summary view loads without waiting. This is good usability.

The fact that all Priima tools are designed in a similar way to restore data quickly is visible to all users. When every view is optimized to be as fast as possible and the system resources to be rationally used, the entire Priima server as well as the systems of clients can support the load of thousands of simultaneous users without delays. It appears as speed for trainers and trainees as well as for the admins. This is scalability.

Priima’s development team has achieved their spur as the makers of Discendum’s long-term success product Optima LMS. Known for their speed, the Optima servers have hundreds of thousands of usernames, and the know-how and professional skills acquired in that operational environment can now be seen in Priima’s development work.

Most web applications can support the load of a few hundred simultaneous users. The number of Priima users is now rapidly growing, and therefore its bases are cast so that it can withstand any number of users.

Spring brought, spring brought the coder…

Best regards,
Site Foreman Ville

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