The functions related to course implementation and evaluation are the central part of e-learning. Priima LMS offers a variety of tools for these needs: courses can be just browsable content or a set of assignments with different passing criteria. Evaluation can either be automated from start to finish or, if so desired, defined entirely to be done by professionals. Whatever the needs of an organisation and courses, Priima is flexible in supporting various implementations of e-learning.

Along with the actual achievements, it is important to verify and demonstrate the skills and course results acquired in e-learning so that they complement your own skill profile. As we develop our competencies, we want to share it with others. During the autumn, we have worked with Priima’s development team to better support the needs of online students.

Open badges from courses in Priima

The integration of Open Badge Factory, a tool developed for digital badges, with Priima LMS, enables you to automatically issue open badges from the courses accomplished in Priima. The implementation of open badges is quick once your organisation has acquired the Open Badge Factory license.

The system admin connects Open Badge Factory to Priima and the course admins determine which badges are issued for an accomplished course.

Once the course is marked as accomplished, each user will be notified by e-mail that a badge has been issued. By approving the badge, students can add it to their own Open Badge Passport service and share it with others to see. Of course, you can also display badges in your own user profile in Priima.

The course and system admins, for their part, can see from the reports which open badges have been issued for the courses in Priima. Our development work with open badges will continue next spring, and a lot of exciting new things are coming.

Provenly educated

A more traditional way of making skills visible than digital badges is issuing a certificate for courses. A traditional certificate is still valid, especially in statutory trainings. This, too, is supported by Priima.

The course admin can use the certification function if they wish. During the autumn, we added more options to define the content of certificates in Priima, and certificates are now more closely tailored to suit the needs of your organisation.

By default, the logo of the certificate is set to be that of your organisation selected in Priima, but you can also choose a custom logo for the certificate if desired. Certificate title, description and the order of content can be edited from the course settings. The signature can either be uploaded as an image file at the end of the certificate or you can reserve space for a personal signature.

The pre-defined certificate will be ready immediately after completing the course successfully. After completing the course, students can download their certificate as a pdf document and, if desired, print their certificate on paper.

Stay on top of continuous development

Priima is evolving at a fast pace, and with each update we make more improvements that support excellent learning. In addition to the features mentioned here, we have been working hard throughout the autumn on the monitoring functions that support the work of trainers. There’s plenty of interesting stuff on the way – stay tuned!

Best regards,
Ville & Priima team

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