A few weeks ago we shot our third Priima video together with the top-notch Koju Film Company. This time we raised a hot potato – that is to say, our customers’ need for a modern and clear LMS. When the need is detected, the journey towards the new begins. First, different alternatives are explored either through networks or a more formal route through information requests, offers and an invitation to tender.

Our customer and long-term Optima user The Pharmaceutical Learning Centre (Farmasian oppimiskeskus), who is featured in the new video, was also facing the need for a change. They needed a more modern and user-friendly system, and set up an invitation to tender. Based on the feedback, Priima got the best ratings. The final decision was also influenced by our long-term co-operation and the confidence that the needs of customers are genuinely heard in product development.

Like our shooting day with Koju, Priima’s implementation project with The Pharmaceutical Learning Centre also went on a good note. Our multitalented Project Manager Tanja supported the customer during the project and the whole transformation process by training the client’s admins and making sure that the transition to the new system is smooth. So smooth that the customer is ready to publicly tell about it! As they state in the video: ”Everything has gone better than we even dared to expect. There have been no issues. Everything works.

Everything works – that’s what a transformation process is at its best! It was a pleasure to watch the video shoot and hear how the customer described the transition process to Priima and how successful the whole of it was. The shooting day together with our client was a great experience, and the outcome is an excellent example of us working with a big heart.

Here you can view the fantastic result (in Finnish):

We thank our customer for their trust and enthusiasm, Koju Film Company for a wonderful production, and of course our own magnificent shooting team (Tanja, Neea & Nilüfer) for everything!

If the spring and the video have awakened a longing for a new LMS and a new beginning in you, be in touch and let’s find out if it’s time for Priima!

Springy regards,
Anna-Maria & the Priima team

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